The electric car market is growing quickly, and with low-running costs, car leasing makes a lot of sense. Chris Lilly rounds-up the pick of the available electric vehicles.

Renault Zoe leasing

List EV Renault Zoe

The recently updated Renault Zoe represents fantastic value-for-money motoring. A long driving range and incredibly low running costs mean the French EV is one of the most common electric cars on the road.

A range of between 180 and 250 miles – depending on driving styles and conditions – sees it cover most trips easily. Bundle it up in a conventional practical supermini package, and the Zoe is a great leasing pick. CHECK OUR LATEST OFFERS

BMW i3 leasing

List EV BMW i3

Space-age looks combine with high-tech construction. BMW’s i3 is largely built from carbon fibre, meaning it’s lightweight but strong. This allows for a driving range of more than 180 miles on a single charge.

A powerful 125 kW electric motor drives the rear wheels, and the handling is akin to the classic Mini’s – sharp and nimble, yet relatively comfortable.

It’s a compact car, but rear-hinged rear doors make for easy access. That interior matches the exterior in being unique on the road. It’s minimalist, but eco-conscious, and works very well.CHECK OUR LATEST OFFERS

Nissan Leaf leasing

List EV Nissan Leaf

The most popular electric car in the UK, the Leaf is now on its second generation. Available with a choice of two battery/motor combinations, leasing customers can choose between the Leaf 40 kWh or Leaf e+ 62 kWh models.

These offer a driving range of around 170 miles or 240 miles respectively. Combine that with space for four adults in the family-sized hatchback, and it can prove a capable all-rounder for any household. CHECK OUR LATEST OFFERS

Hyundai Kona Electric leasing

List EV Hyundai KonaElectric

A relatively new addition to the electric car market, Hyundai’s Kona Electric is one of the most important. It was the first EV to offer premium driving ranges at mass-market prices.

It’s range of almost 300 miles on a charge used to be the reserve of premium Tesla models. The Kona Electric offers this driving distance, but at significantly less cost.

With crossover styling, and a high-quality interior, the Hyundai Kona Electric is a car that is persuading leasing customers into EVs. CHECK OUR LATEST OFFERS

Kia e-Niro leasing

List EV Kia eNiro

Another crossover with a driving range of close to 300 miles on a charge is the Kia e-Niro. The Kia is a more expensive proposition, but then it’s also a bit more practical.

For families and leasing customers requiring a large boot and rear seats, the e-Niro is one of the most practical models in the electric car market.

Like the Kona Electric, it has a good interior in a popular crossover body. It’s also backed by Kia’s seven year warranty for added peace of mind. What Car? magazine was so impressed by the car, they made it their car of the year. CHECK OUR LATEST OFFERS

Jaguar I-Pace leasing

List EV Jaguar IPace

The first ‘conventional’ manufacturer to challenge Tesla was Jaguar with its I-Pace. The premium SUV boasts a driving range to match the American EV maker, but with better build quality.

It’s a surprisingly spacious car inside, and the cabin is excellent. Well built, stylish, and with plenty of occupant and load space, the I-Pace can replace many leasing customer’s cars outright– not just as a second model. CHECK OUR LATEST OFFERS

Audi e-tron leasing

List EV Audi etron

Joining the electric SUV party after Tesla and Jaguar is Audi, and it is making up for lost time. The e-tron might not be able to match the 300 mile range of its rivals, but it can recharge faster than anything else in the UK currently.

It’s still got a range of around 250 miles, plus a stylish exterior and desirable badge. Audi’s class-leading cabins are continued in the e-tron too. There’s even the opportunity to choose a version with cameras in place of rear-view mirrors. CHECK OUR LATEST OFFERS

VW e-Golf leasing

List EV VW eGolf

The e-Golf looks almost identical to its famous non-electric stablemate. It’s deliberate and designed to catch leasing customers that don’t want an ‘odd-looking’ electric car.

As such, drivers can expect a very Golf-like driving experience – namely excellent. A well-designed interior, powerful motor, and solid suspension set-up make for a traditional drive.

The realistic driving range of around 130 miles means it can’t match the newest models in its class. However, it’s still plenty for the majority of journeys, and a ‘normal’ EV will appeal to many leasing customers. CHECK OUR LATEST OFFERS

Tesla Model S leasing

List EV Tesla ModelS

The poster-model for the electric car market, Tesla’s Model S is a long-range EV without any boring bits. For example, it might look like an executive saloon, but it’s got the performance of a sports car.

Updates see the Model S improved regularly, though a driving range of around 300 miles is par for the model. It’s very spacious, has two boots (one in the front) and benefits from Tesla’s Supercharger network.

This means that Tesla leasing customers have their own, international network of charging points that only Tesla drivers can access – and they’re fast too. CHECK OUR LATEST OFFERS

Tesla Model X leasing

List EV Tesla ModelX

The Model X is a Tesla for those customers that wanted a bit more space. In fact, it’s got a lot more space. Options cover five, six, and seven seaters, and there’s still a good-sized boot with three rows of seats.

The most striking feature is the ‘Falcon Wing’ rear doors, which add a bit of theatre to a trip. They also make accessing the back seats very easy.

Like the Model S, a long driving range – typically about 280 miles – combines with the Supercharger network to make long-distance electric driving easy. CHECK OUR LATEST OFFERS